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Hello. This is the College of Preachers' website.
Whether you're a preacher or not, we welcome you warmly to these pages.
If you are a preacher though, and if this is your first visit to this website, may we tell you a little about ourselves whilst you're here?
We exist to help preachers with their ministry - through publications, events and training.
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Our flagship product is our quarterly magazine The Preacher, with feature articles of interest to preachers; book reviews; and College news. The latest edition (pictured) takes "preaching on the everyday" as its overarching theme. But, as always, it also contains sermon suggestions for all Sundays from February to April 2018 (two each, based on different lections, for 4th and 11th February and for 11th March); and for Ash Wednesday (14th February), Holy Thursday (29th March), Good Friday (30th March), and the Easter Vigil (31st March). For further information about becoming a subscriber to this magazine, which automatically gives you online access to back numbers, please click on the PUBLICATIONS menu at the top of the page.


Then, throughout the year you'll find us running major events for preachers in various parts of the country, lasting one or two days and comprising lectures, seminars and worship sessions. Recent events took place in St Albans, London and Chester. Also, from time to time we hold major residential conferences at The Hayes Conference Centre (pictured) in Derbyshire, the latest one taking place during September 2015. When applicable, tickets for our events are available via our partners Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd; but act fast, because some sell out very quickly. For further information click on EVENTS at the top of the page.


And our third major offering to preachers is that we can put on bespoke training events in your church, diocese, district or similar. Just tell us what topics you want training in, and we'll send one or more of our experienced tutors to your location to help you run your event. We have about thirty tutors, from varying traditions and denominations; and they live in different parts of the country; so we can meet a wide range of training needs. We publish a list of seminars we've offered before, but we're also open to your suggestions depending on need. For further information click on TRAINING at the top of the page.

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When you've delved into the three main sections of our website, if your thirst for information about the College has not been fully satisfied, feel free to click on other menus at the top of each page to learn about such things as our history, latest news, and what people have been saying about us. We've temporarily closed our online shop, but the following are still available via our partners Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd: 12 month subscription (individual), £25; 12 month subscription (overseas), £33; and 12 month subscription (student), £15.


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