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12 month membership (student)

Three Good Reasons to Join The College of Preachers

  1. Each issue of The Preacher contains a sermon for each Sunday in the quarter (mostly following the Common Lectionary).  The sermons vary a lot, like the preachers who prepare them.  But they’re all there to help you kick start your preparation of your own sermons.
  2. The magazine carries a variety of articles written by experienced preachers and teachers of preaching, from different denominations and traditions. They’re all written and gathered together to help you reflect on and develop your own preaching ministry.
  3. As a Member of the College of Preachers you receive quarterly editions of The Preacher, and are entitled to attend and contribute to our annual general meeting. And, if you wish, you can play a more active part in the activities of the College.

This £15 rate applies to UK students; and to overseas (non-UK) students willing to receive a PDF.  (Overseas students who want a hard copy posted to them must pay £33.)

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12 month membership (student)
12 month membership (student)12 month membership (student)