Are you planning an event that we could contribute to?

17-Sep-2016 After a temporary lapse in marketing effort by The College of Preachers, we've started to up our game again! Executive member Paul Johns has recently sent around 100 mail shots to people in Anglican dioceses. And a few encouraging replies have already been received. He's planning to tackle the Methodist districts next. But if you belong to another Christian tradition, or are more concerned about a particular local need, please don't wait for Paul to contact you! Feel free to contact us today!

The College of Preachers is an ecumenical network of preachers and tutors in preaching, committed to encouraging and supporting other preachers, both ordained and lay, experienced or new to preaching. We design and lead courses, seminars, workshops and conferences; and we contribute to events organised by others. Suggested topics include Biblical preaching, Preaching in particular cultural contexts, Nurturing preachers or Engaging with the congregation, but a more complete list is available on our seminars page. If you would like more information, or think we may be able to help you, do please get in touch with us. We may well be able to contribute to an event or course you are already running or planning. Or perhaps we could work with you to arrange a fresh ‘preaching event’ of some kind.

If you want to see the mail shot Paul's been sending out, or indeed help us spread the word, you can download it from here!
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