College of Preachers a victim of email hack

30-Nov-2015 We are sorry to have to inform you that The College of Preachers has fallen prey to an email hack from an unknown source.

One of the College's email addresses has been hacked and cloned. This means that our address is currently being used in a scam asking members to supply their bank details. This looks like it's coming directly from PayPal or another credit card handling service, using a College of Preachers email address. Please understand that we would never use bulk email to ask for bank details. Meanwhile, we would advise members and users of this website to be very wary of emails purporting to come from the College. In any case you should always be careful with your credit card details when transacting on-line; and please note that as a general rule unsolicited emails from financial institutions asking you to follow a link to a specific information gathering page are usually scam attempts.

The offending email account has now been closed down, although this won't necessarily stop the address being used to send out email by proxy. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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