Our January 2018 magazine is now available in all formats

27-Dec-2017 We are pleased to announce that The College of Preachers' magazine The Preacher, issue no. 168, dated January 2018, is now available in all formats. Distribution of the paper copy took place earlier this month, but the electronic version is now available for subscribers to download (along with more than ten years' worth of previous editions) from this website's Subscribers' Zone. To receive the magazine or to access the downloadable version you first need to subscribe.

Partially themed around the topic of preaching on the everyday, this latest issue (pictured) contains sermons for all Sundays from February to April 2018 (two each, based on different lections, for 4th and 11th February and for 11th March); and for Ash Wednesday (14th February), Holy Thursday (29th March), Good Friday (30th March), and the Easter Vigil (31st March). The magazine also contains feature articles of interest to preachers (e.g. The Effect of Preaching on the Preacher, Everyday Thoughts on Preaching on the Everyday, Preaching on Work and Breaking down the dividing wall: Ecumenical preaching!); book reviews; and news from the College.

By the way, one of the articles from the magazine, plus one of the sermons, is always available for free on our promotional page for The Preacher - for those preachers still deciding whether to subscribe or not!

If you receive a paper magazine as a subscriber, do check for any inserts within your magazine, because one may be a letter reminding you that this is the last issue you will receive on your current subscription. If so, you will need to take action now to renew your subscription. Whilst our new website is under construction, you can do this by phoning 03331 302281 or writing to us c/o Hymns Ancient & Modern Ltd, 13a Hellesdon Park Road, Norwich NR6 5DR. Then you may rest assured that you remain a subscriber, and will receive issue no. 169 before the end of March - a special issue that will take the theme "A Preacher’s Miscellany": a collection of articles on a variety of homiletic themes, with a focus on sermon preparation. Please note also that if issue 168 is the last issue within your current subscription term, your access to this website's Subscribers' Zone may have already been rescinded and, if so, will remain so until you renew your subscription.
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