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22-Apr-2016 Is it time for you to have a workshop on preaching in your area?

The College of Preachers' tutors have recently been running events for parish groups, circuits, deaneries, dioceses. We’ve worked with Methodists, URC, Salvation Army and Anglicans in the last few weeks - usually day and sometimes half-day events over many counties. Recent themes requested have included: ‘Refreshing Preaching’, ‘Sermons and Preaching’, ‘Preaching on Advent and Christmas’ ‘ Preaching on the news’, ‘Preaching in a post Christian society’. A fuller list can be found on this website's training page.

Our team of tutors are committed preachers but are also equipped to help people to develop their preaching and to suggest different styles and approaches that are designed to keep preaching as fresh and surprising as the gospel itself.

We’re always keen to hear if we can be of use in your context. If you would like to discuss what would be involved in having a preaching workshop, and what you might be looking for from us, please email Canon Roger Spiller, the coordinator of our tutor team, or phone him on 01386 710725.
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