We've received news of a few events that may interest you

07-Feb-2017 Most of The College of Preachers' tutorial work takes place at private events. As a result, people scour our website for details of public events they can attend, but draw a blank! We apologize for this. Do keep an eye on our diary page and we promise you that any public events we organize in the future will appear there. Meanwhile, we are more than happy to give you details of a few events being run by partner organisations.

The first features College of Preachers' tutor Paul Burden, and takes place on on Tuesday 7 March at Sarum College where Paul is based. It's titled The Wondrous Story: Preaching from Palm Sunday to Easter. Paul will firstly consider the task of preaching in this season from a general perspective, and then apply those principles to some of the Holy Week and Easter scripture passages.

The second is a day on Tuesday 6 June, when Sarum College welcomes Tom Long for a day titled Preaching in a Disenchanted Age. Tom Long’s books, most notably The Witness of Preaching, have been very influential in creating new thinking and discussion on preaching, and Tom is an engaging and highly respected teacher. He's only over from the US for a short time, and this day will present some of his newest thinking on how we preach in our society today.

Do bookmark our diary page to get details of the above events, plus early notice of any other future events as and when they are announced.
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